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The facts about how much GPS Tracking costs:

Rule 1:    A portable active GPS Tracker consists of several pieces of hardware assembled into one device.  These are generally manufactured in the Far East.  Some are assembled from high quality components and in legitimate manufacturing facilities.  Others are made with very cheap electronics and by unsavory vendors.  You need a friend here who can tell the difference.  Covert GPS Trackers has done our research.  We have great knowledge in hardware quality and we make sure that if we sell something, it’s the very best product available.  
The Bottom Line:      If you can fly to Asia, and know where to go, you can buy a poor quality GPS Tracker for about 50 US Dollars.  A good quality product will cost you about $85.  Then you need a SIM card, Firmware and the ability to program the device. All totaled a battery powered GPS device should never cost more than $150; if it does you are overpaying.

Rule 2:    Most GPS Trackers use cellular communications and a web-based tracking platform to communicate back and forth.  This is a lot like your cell phone only the device is sending and receiving very small amounts of data.  
The Bottom Line:    Any legitimate company is paying less than 10 dollars a month in airtime and less than 4 dollars a month for a tracking platform.  Most are paying far less than that.  If another company is charging you more than $14.00 a month for tracking (that’s over 168 dollars a year) you are paying way too much.  At Covert GPS Trackers we offer a year of live tracking for $89.95.  The truth is we pay less than that, but we have to cover our admin expenses too.  Why would you pay more?

Rule 3:  Activation fees and contracts are only a way for companies to make more money.  They don’t really exist until a seller creates them.  
The Bottom Line:    Anyone who wants you to sign a contract or pay an activation fee is lying to you to make more money.  You don’t want to be in business with these people.

Rule 4:    Most of the GPS tracking companies online are reselling another companies product and charging you more to buy from them.  We should know, we are one of them.
The Bottom Line:  We don’t need to hide who we are, we sell Skypatrol’s Patrolman product because we know it’s the best portable GPS tracker out there.  We also sell it with a very low  margin because we are a small retailer and we’re not greedy.  Contact Skypatrol and see if you can get a better price from them.  If you can, buy it.